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What is a Life Coach Therapist in the UK?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

What is a Life Coach Therapist in the UK?

A life coach is there to encourage and champion people who are looking to achieve their full potential in their life. This can include both personal and career goals. Life coach therapists in the UK do not need to be regulated but there are many accredited courses out there that will offer training. However, some of the world’s best life coaches started without any training and simply used their own life experiences and positive attitudes to help others.

What does a Life Coach Therapist actually do?

A life coach therapist works with their client in the following areas:

what is a life coach therapist
  1. To talk about their current situation

  2. To discuss their principles, way of thinking and beliefs

  3. To assist them to establish appropriate objectives for change

  4. To examine ways of conquering any difficulties and obstacles

  5. To support them to remain inspired and dedicated

Who goes to a Life Coach Therapist?

Clients may vary from individuals to entire businesses. Life coach therapists may offer a general service or could choose a specialist area, such as career changing. Sometimes a life coach therapist will find it necessary to turn down a client and possibly recommend another professional for instance a qualified counsellor. A good life coach will be ethical in their approach and should recognise when a client needs someone more qualified to help a client.

How do I spot a good life coach therapist?

Although the role of a life coach therapist is not currently regulated more and more clients tend to favour those who do have a qualification and possible membership of a professional organisation.

You will want to see that they have:

  1. Good contacts with other coaching and mentoring bodies, there website could provide confirmation of this

  2. Testimonials from other coaches, who they may have worked with and can endorse them

  3. Testimonials from clients who they have worked with

  4. Good quality resources

  5. 1:1 sessions either in person or many now use virtual platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

  6. Practical sessions such as homework or maybe group workshops (depending on a clients needs and wants)

So what does life coaching therapy actually offer?

For the individual this can vary greatly and will be assessed depending on the needs of the person. For instance, the life coach therapist may work with someone who wants to become more efficient at building a great CV or who wants to develop their interview skills so they can become more confident in their search for a new career. Or they may be looking to look at life in a more positive way so they can rebuild relationships with others.

For businesses, some would say, it is much like having a business consultant the main difference being, a life coach therapist, will encourage and develop the business through progressive assessment and look at the positives of an organisation instead of focusing on the negatives.

Would I benefit from a life coach therapist?

Perhaps in part we all could do with having our own life coach but obviously we are not all in a position where we can have one. And ultimately it is completely up to an individual whether they think it would benefit them personally.

It is our opinion and we truly believe that if you can afford to invest the money and the time into a life coach therapist, then you should go for it.

What do you think? We would be very interested to hear your views and questions in the comments below.

All the best

Heather & Madie aka HethMadie

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