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Fast Career Training Programs – Are they any good?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

As part of our research for our company we decided to take a look over the internet at just exactly what kind of courses you can do online. We discovered you can pretty much find a course for most careers and many of them offering fast career training programs at relatively small costs. We took a look at just exactly what it is these fast training programs had to offer.

Why do people choose fast career training?

The target audience of many of these education companies is most definitely those wanting to be better in their career. Some of these people are maybe stuck in a job that isn’t going anywhere and in order to progress within their company they need to gain some training. Also, there are those that have just decided to go in a completely different direction and change their career completely. So the faster the better for these people. Many will have no time for college or their finances just cannot stretch to a university degree course. Well you’ll be pleased to know that there are definitely many other ways to train in your chosen job.

Online training increasing faster than ever before.

There has been a significant increase of those people signing up for to online training programs. The lock down has given individuals the time they perhaps needed to take that first step. Many of these courses are accredited but depending on your requirements you may find courses that are led by professionals who are either in the job or have been previously. These professionals maybe better suited to teach to certain careers. These courses, more often than not, will still provide their students with certifications at the end of the course.

So how fast are these training programs?

Well that all depends on the career path you have chosen. For example:-

  1. Personal Trainers – 8 weeks

  2. Web developer – 9 weeks

  3. Lorry Driver – 7 weeks

  4. Paralegal – 4 weeks

Let’s look at some of the most common careers in more detail.

  1. Admin, Secretarial & PA – These start from as little as £10 for the course and range from a minimum of 35 – 450 hours. They’ll get you CPD points (Continuing Professional Development) which many employers recognise and can be used to negotiate a pay rise. The courses are usually self paced it is up to you to do the work and complete the program. There are also free courses, yes FREE! These are usually between 4 & 14 hours and you may receive a regulated qualification. There are also classroom based course that last 3-4 days but they cost as much as £2035. I know which I’d prefer!

  2. Accountancy & Finance – As with the above these courses can be taken online or in a classroom. If you are looking to gain professional qualifications with letters after your name then you will most probably be going through the AAT’s (Association of Accounting Technicians) training program. They start at Level 2 and this will give you basic bookkeeping skills and you become a member but it takes a minimum of 6 months so it’s not the fastest. Also, be very careful as there are many learning providers offering this course from as little as £450 but you will find that the exam fees and membership are not included and you will have to add these on to your budget. Its worth shopping around for those providers the full package. For those people that simply want to have a better understanding of bookkeeping, perhaps self-employed business owners, then there are free short courses to be found online. They usually take around 4 weeks at your own pace. Then there are the middle of the road courses that give you CPD points and we found one that for £40 was only a 22 hour training program.

  3. Sports & Fitness – Again there is a huge range of courses in the industry ranging from nutrition & health, 15 week course completely free to level 3 personal training diploma, 3 months distance learning for £2145.

Other fast training programs

  1. Health & Safety

  2. Construction

  3. IT

  4. Marketing

  5. Project Management

  6. Human Resources

  7. Health & Care

  8. Journalism

Or something a bit different?

Small business courses for the self-employed or entrepreneur. These online courses cost as little as £50 and cover a wide range of skills needed to successfully manage a business. The best we’ve found is a course that has weekly, 1 hour zoom classes for a maximum of 6 attendees and allows for question and answer sessions at the end of each week.

  1. Retail Management

  2. Office Management

  3. Customer Service

  4. Staff Management

  5. Operations Management

  6. Team Management

  7. Events Management

Is fast always the best?

In a nutshell no but it really does depend on the individual and what their needs are. If you are looking for academic recognition then a 4 week course may not be for you. However, if you are looking for insider knowledge from those that have been there and done it then the 4 week courses maybe just perfect for you.

As with anything you purchase or give your time to it should meet your individual needs. You really should check to

So what are you waiting for? Get booked on a training program today fast or slow it’s all learning and will help your achieve your goals.

Happy learning

Heather & Madie (HethMadie)

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