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Make Your Own Destiny

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Hi everyone and welcome to Make Your Own Destiny with HethMadie.

HethMadie is a mixture of our names Heather & Madie. We are a mother and daughter business with over 30 years experience of training and mentoring others.

Training and mentoring has been a passion of ours for many years. In that time we have both purchased many types of career training, both online and in person, to constantly improve our skills and personal development.

Collectively our expertise in personal development ranges over many industries such as the finance & banking sector, retail, construction, health care, local government, sports and recruitment sectors. We have both owned and been directors of businesses, managing large teams and providing one to one mentoring along the way.

We feel that the time is right for us to share and help others to make their own destiny.

What brought us here?

After many years of managing people in various industries we both felt frustrated at the lack of quality mentoring and training available to individuals seeking to better themselves. We both agreed that there are many great personal development courses out their both online & in person but there are also many bad ones.

Many of these courses are targeted at people already in work who were being passed over for career progression or those that just want a new direction in life but don’t have the confidence in themselves to make the first step to a new way of life.

What we do.

So we got together and designed some great value online courses ourselves.  Our training covers different types of personal development skills needed to help people make their own destiny either in their working life or on a more personal level.

Be all You can be.

We are going to share our knowledge with others who want to better themselves in their career and life. We want to help people to become all they can be and achieve great success.

Please take a look around and if you have anything to share about career or personal development training we would love to hear from you.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Winston S. Churchill

Enjoy your day.

Heather & Madie

Founders of Make Your Own Destiny with Hethmadie

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